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1620 Pilgrims to America on Mayflower
1638 Printing press reaches America
1664 English capture/rename New York
1681 La Salle explores Louisiana
1700 American colonies prosper
1540 Spanish arrive in California
1540 Coronado travels through Midwest
1565 First colony St. Augustine
1584 - 1588 Roanoke Island Colony
1607 Jamestown 1st permanent settlement
1492 Columbus discovers West Indies
1507 The term America first used
1513 Ponce de Leon discovers Florida
1519 - 1538 Cortes conquers Mexico
1534 Cartier claims New France
 Ludwig Der Rote Zollikofer
 b.1450 Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
 d.1514 Switzerland
 Georg Zollikoffer
 b.1492 Switzerland
 d.1539 Switzerland
 Elisabetha Mbacher
 Georg Zollikofer
 b.1525 Switzerland
 d.1600 St. Gallen, Switzerland
 Kasper Zollicoffer
 b.1587 St. Gallen, Switzerland
 d.1653 St. Gallen, Switzerland
 Sabina Schittli
 Daniel Zollikofer
 Magdalene Schlumpf