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1805 Lewis and Clark reach Pacific
1812 - 1814 War of 1812 with Britain
1846 War w/Mexico,Calif & NM acquired
1861 - 1865 Civil War, North vs. South
1867 Alaska Territory purchased
1773 Boston Tea Party tax rebellion
1775 - 1783 Revolutionary War
1776 Declaration of Independence
1789 George Washington first president
1803 Louisiana Territory Purchased
1700 American colonies prosper
1720 Texas becomes Spanish possession
1735 Freedom of press established
1740 Colony population = 1.5 million
1754 - 1763 Anglo-French War
 Elizabeth Clemens
 Ezekiel Clements
 b.1696 Salisbury, Massachusetts
 d.1778 Rockbridge, Virginia
 Usher Clemens
 Jeremiah C Clemens
 b.1732 Hunterdon, New Jersey
 d.1811 Amherst, Virginia
 Christina Castell
 b.1695 Massachusetts
 Samuel Clemens
 Gershom Clemens
 b.1766 Amherst, Virginia
 d.1839 Carrsville, Kentucky
 David Bell Clemens
 Elizabeth Moore
 b.1740 Trenton, New Jersey
 d.1811 Trenton, New Jersey
 Sarah Lusk Clemens
 Jeremiah Clemens
 b.1807 Kentucky
 d.1848 Livingston, Kentucky
 Jonathan R Clemens
 b.1811 Livingston, Kentucky
 d.1862 Crittenden, Kentucky
 Jane Usher
 b.1775 Augusta, Virginia
 d.1813 Carrsville, Kentucky
 Robert C Clemens
 b.1813 Livingston, Kentucky
 Jane C Clemens
 b.1813 Livingston, Kentucky
 d.1862 Pope, Illinois