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Mary ROTEN b. 04/08/1762 d. 1829

Mary ROTEN b. 04/08/1762 d. 1829 - Overview

Name Mary ROTENi, ii
Sex Female
Birth 04/08/1762i, Maryland, USA
Death 1829i, Indiana, USA
Parents Daniel RODEN x Sally VANCE [Family]
Spouse Ebenezer JONES b. 1763 d. 03/09/1862 [Family]
Children 1. Enoch JONES b. 10/23/1775 d. 1859
2. William JONES b. 06/19/1784
3. Smith JONES b. About 11/13/1786 d. About 1860
4. Vance JONES b. 04/23/1788 d. About 1850
5. Lewis JONES b. 06/23/1790 d. 06/21/1865
6. Jesse JONES b. 10/07/1793 d. 1818
7. Hullam JONES b. 04/17/1797 d. 1868
8. Wiley JONES b. 11/05/1798 d. 1879
9. Mary JONES b. 12/14/1799
10. Nancy JONES b. 06/07/1801 d. About 1850
11. Ebenezer Vincent JONES b. 07/14/1802
12. Salley JONES b. 01/04/1804 d. 1859
13. Debra Delora JONES b. 06/23/1806 d. 06/02/1891

Mary ROTENi, ii, only child of Daniel RODEN and Sally VANCE [Family], was born on 04/08/1762i in Maryland, USA. Mary died in 1829i in Indiana, USA aged about 67.

9 sons and 4 daughters listed.



Enoch JONESi, ii was born on 10/23/1775i in North Carolina, USA. He died in 1859i in LA Grange, Fayette, Texas, USA aged about 84.


William JONES was born on 06/19/1784.


Smith JONES was born about 11/13/1786. He died about 1860 aged about 74.


Vance JONES was born on 04/23/1788. He died about 1850 aged about 62.


Lewis JONES was born on 06/23/1790. Lewis died on 06/21/1865 in Center City, Shelby, Texas, USA aged 74.


Jesse JONES was born on 10/07/1793. He died in 1818 in Indiana, USA aged about 25.


Hullam JONES was born on 04/17/1797. Hullam died in 1868 aged about 71.


Wiley JONES was born on 11/05/1798. Wiley died in 1879 aged about 81.


Mary JONES was born on 12/14/1799.


Nancy JONES was born on 06/07/1801. Nancy died about 1850 aged about 49.


Ebenezer Vincent JONES was born on 07/14/1802. Ebenezer was buried (his death is not known).


Salley JONES was born on 01/04/1804. Salley died in 1859 in Illinois, USA aged about 55.


Debra Delora JONES was born on 06/23/1806. Debra died on 06/02/1891 aged 84.




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