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Lisa Lisbetta HENDRICHDOTTER b. 03/27/1700 d. 09/15/1778

Lisa Lisbetta HENDRICHDOTTER b. 03/27/1700 d. 09/15/1778 - Overview

Name Lisa Lisbetta HENDRICHDOTTERi
Sex Female
Birth 03/27/1700i, Eurajoki, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland
Death 09/15/1778
Parents Hendrich MATTSSON x Unknown [Family]
Spouse Matts JACOBSSON b. 1694 d. 01/01/1766 [Family]
Children 1. Michel MATTSSON b. 08/1720
2. Johannes MATTSSON b. 12/16/1722
3. Matts MATTSSON b. 08/26/1724
4. Gabriel KORSMAN b. 07/21/1726
5. MARIA b. 02/17/1728 d. 02/19/1728
6. Gustaf KORSMAN b. 12/24/1729
7. Maria MATTSDOTTER b. 05/20/1731 d. 11/14/1792
8. Maria MATTSDR b. 03/31/1732 d. 10/21/1794
9. Liisa MATTSDOTTER b. 04/08/1733
10. Caisa Mattsdotter KORSMAN b. 1734 d. 04/16/1779
11. Henric Mattsson KORSMAN b. 01/29/1738

Lisa Lisbetta HENDRICHDOTTERi, only child of Hendrich MATTSSON [Family], was born on 03/27/1700i in Eurajoki, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland. Lisa died on 09/15/1778 aged 78.

6 sons and 5 daughters listed.



Michel MATTSSONi was born in 08/1720i.


Johannes MATTSSONi was born on 12/16/1722i.


Matts MATTSSONi was born on 08/26/1724i.


Gabriel KORSMANi was born on 07/21/1726i.


MARIA was born on 02/17/1728. She died on 02/19/1728 as an infant.


Gustaf KORSMANi was born on 12/24/1729i.


Maria MATTSDOTTERi was born on 05/20/1731i. She died on 11/14/1792 aged 61.


Maria MATTSDRii was born on 03/31/1732ii. She died on 10/21/1794ii aged 62.


Liisa MATTSDOTTERi was born on 04/08/1733i.


Caisa Mattsdotter KORSMANi was born in 1734i. She died on 04/16/1779 aged about 45.


Henric Mattsson KORSMANi was born on 01/29/1738i in Finland.




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